On this page, you’ll find a small sample that will give you an idea of what my style is like and my shoot output concept. With almost 30 years of backlog, I’ll be posting relatively consistently.. the hard part is configuring the layout and/ or interface 😉 oh- it’s also hard, sometimes, deciding what to upload 😉 Don’t forget to scroll down.. there’s more to read and a lot more to see.

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I keep saying that stuff is on the horizon.. but What, really, is on the horizon you ask?

1)  Productions…
    Aside from setting up shoot sessions with a growing collection of models from Western Canada..
    …I’m setting up a few cinematic “shorts” for production and, knowing me.. there’ll be some nudity in them (for the most part). Right now, I’m working decidedly on three- “Rescue (working title),” “Harvest,” and “Camena (short).” With most of the gear already on- hand all I need is to finish up the scripting, blocking, and casting.. but even casting has already been taken care of a little bit for “Rescue” so.. productions will start SOON!

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2)  Ocean Cyclist
    I’ve always wanted to go around the world.. now, it’s my turn!
    I’m currently building a Pedal Powered Boat that I will pilot all the way around the world.. might sound like some rando plan but 20+ years ago I had the idea to do so but the cyclists I was riding with deterred me.. they swore that the action of pedalling couldn’t generate enough energy to propel a boat through the water. Well…
    Jason Lewis circled the globe by Human Power.. a lot of it in the boat “Moksha” that was.. you guessed it.. pedal powered. Sure, it took him 13 years to return home but what a journey.. and what a testament to the ability of pedal power!
    And Erdun Eruc shaved something like almost 8 years off Lewis’ record.. however, his circumnavigation combined cycling and a row boat. But.. it shows you that if you have the stick- to-it-iveness and perservere.. you can accomplish anything.
    I’ve done just that throughout my life. I self- published my graphically enhanced literary novel “The Death of Love” all on my own. Learned how to lay it out..learned the jargon and terms.. learned the software.. learned the photographic skills.. and I put it all together to make a book. Which you can learn more about and purchase right here. So.. I’m more than certain I’ll leave.. and make it home in about two years.

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3)  Events!
    I’ve picked up the needed gear to run cool digital broadcasts so.. I’ll be working with spaces to offer members Live Streamed Sessions! These will be set up with two or three dSLR video broadcast units, a “switcher” to change from one camera to the next by the press of a button.. and a few other things (along with some awesome and sexy nude or nearly nude.. or soon to be nude.. models). Lifetime Legacy Members will be able to log on and watch gratis.. but other levels will have to pay per session.