The Twin Peaks

    The Twin Peaks is my first real collection of nudes and concentrates on the exhibition of images that figure, with prominence, the Breast.. The Boob.. The Mamary Gland.. Titties. I love breasts and I love photographing them. Head on over to my Gumroad Account to PreOrder the Book and get a free preview ZIP that has over 1100 images (it’s about 3.2GB of images). The PreOrder is 50% off the MSRP of The Book and it’ll ship (free International Shipping) as soon as it lands in Vancouver.. so you’ll have it in your hands well before xmas of this year. This isn’t a “Print on Demand” book.. this is 8″ by 10″ (approx.) of professional hard cover printed awesomeness.. with awesome Full Colour Dust Jacket. Remember- I’ve published my own literary novel and that very same printer will be taking on the printing of this book.. and they are excited to do so. The discounted PreOrder price is good until the File goes to the Printer. After that.. the price goes up to the actual MSRP that is, right now, set at about $95 USF.

    And check out the preview of the Google Doc (below) you’ll get with the 3.2GB download when you PreOrder the book.. it’s a brief intro to me but I like it. I did it.. so, I should like it 😉