World Tour

Follow Me..  Around The World

Additional samples of mine.

I am going to be piloting a pedal powered boat.. entirely around the world.. and Members will be able to Follow along on the progress AND catch awesome Nude Updates from.. all around the world!

Sure, there’ll be lots of “down time” but with about 30 years of “backlogged” sessions I do think I have a lot of material that I can post while I’m in the middle of the ocean(s).. in between landfalls and nude sessions.

But wait.. how will the material be UPLOADED? Well, Starlink has just finished a Network Upgrade that ensures 99.9% of My Route is covered meaning.. all I need is the Starlink Marine Antenna and I will be Digitally Connected Where Ever I AM!

I will be the VERY FIRST person to..
    • Circumnavigate the globe entirely in Pedal Powered Boat
    • This will be the first DIGITALLY CONNECTED circumnavigation.. EVER

More Deets –>> Ocean Cyclist. <<– for more info.

Here’s my “estimated” route map.. a quick 30s. vid..