I’m in the process of adding ZOOM connections.. that means you can log on to the website and just head in to the ZOOM area (when it’s done) and.. be logged in (I think). Obvie, I have to test it all out to see how it will work and I might invite a few select individuals to log on in order to help with the third person test phase.. but as a Lifetime Legacy Member you won’t ever have to Upgrade or Buy Tickets to get in to the Zoom Room.

What’ll I be broadcasting? Shoots… live photo sessions when ever possible. I might also have some info sessions like a meet and greet.. meet me, meet any models that swing by.. stuff like that. I might even have some fun events in conjunction with other websites, companies, and purposes.

It’ll start off sporadic.. and grow with project growth. So.. Sign Up Now for LifeTime Legacy Membership.