Menu Migrations

Sorry for changing the menu entries around.. I’m still playing and trying to find out the *best* layout/ listing for smooth sailing. I’m, also, adding in a few new features.. and I want to make sure that the menu doesn’t “accordion” on smaller screens so I’m trying to keep things simple and short.

The Add Ons
One thing I’m working on is a Broadcast option.. so that YOU, the Registered Member, will be able to log on and watch during scheduled sessions. It’s difficult as I prefer to shoot “out in the field” and I gotta pay attention to bandwidth. And the gear needed to do this. But, when it’s possible.. it’ll be live. And once the Live Feed is archived, it’ll be available as a video if you can’t log on during the session. My goal is to have this tested out and live by the end of the year.

I’m also adding in a DISCORD connection.
I’m launching a DISCORD server for artists, models, and fans of Fine Art Nude photography and as a member *here* you’ll have direct access to The Server. Right now, this will be a lifetime feature for Lifetime Members and Patrons but in the near future, this will be an add- on so Sign Up Now and guarantee lifelong access to the server (for as long as your membership is active). 

PussyGalore (working title) and tentative cover.. an 8″ by 10″ hardocver coffee table book consisting of vaginal portraits from varied artists around the world. Pre Order will be available shortly.

While I am eagerly working on my own hard cover, coffee table books.. I am also searching the interwebs for awesome photographers to include within collections of the same sort. As I am working on two specific and targetted books –>> Tech Surean exploration in to macro photographic representations of The Soft with The Rough.. or, the luscious vaginal lips juxtaposed with rough and hard surfaces and The Twin Peaks I figured.. why not play CURATOR and bring together some amazing artists for print and physical exhibitions along a similar line? So we have PussyGalore, varied Vaginal Portraits to start with.

Archived ReEdit.. Edit Anew

When Kona came to Vancouver, from Penticton, I had a makeup artist come in for the session.. we did some fun shooting and then had the idea of shooting a “censorship” clip. Here it is re- edited by AI.. I’ll be doing AI editing to up- sample old footage over the coming weeks.. and releasing them to MEMBERS. Kona’s session will be posted shortly.. once I clean up her print scans a bit. AI cleaning? Maybe. Anyhow- audio is my own creation.