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Lifetime Membership is easy to understand.. for the duration of this website, you have access. But, as an Early Adopter.. you get WHOLE BUNCH MORE

Your Lifetime Legacy Membership includes:
    • You’ll get a SIGNED copy of my graphically enhanced literary novel The Death of Love.. and as soon as it’s sequel, “Wasted America,” is printed.. you’ll get a signed copy AHEAD of “street date.” N.B.: You can opt for one signed copy of upcoming Fine Art Nude hardcover books (titles to be listed shortly) instead of the two aforementionedd novels.
    • Access to Legacy Only areas of AltPhotoArt
    • Access to INNER CIRCLE social network content
    • FREE access to ALL ticketted events including Multi Day Streaming Sessions.. an “In- App” purchase for monthly members (when activated).
    • AND… discount codes for 100% off LIFETIME access to Ocean Cyclist and the rest of my subsidiary sites (list coming, shortly).

Lifetime Legacy pricing is consistent from site to site.. so, register at ONE site and gain access to ALL sites for the same price. Most of the sites are NUDE positive and pre- launch right now with planned “opening” dates for later in the spring of 2025. All subscriptions are being used to purchase needed equipment, materials, and tools for Ocean Cyclist and it’s diverse mediacentric objectives.. that include taking over the world.. one pair of naked breasts at a time!

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Lifetime Legacy

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