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Welcome to my online home

Various samples of my work.

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Current Stats:
103 albums for nearly 10,000 Fine Art Nude images

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    I am, also, ramping up work on my second graphically enhanced literary novel titled “Wasted America.” This novel is a prequel to the already published “The Death of Love” which is available with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. You can, also, head over to my GumRoad page to PreOrder “The Twin Peaks” which is my first hard cover Coffee Table book of about nearly 200 pages featuring superlative, appreciative, and celebratory visual representation featuring naked breasts of all sorts that I’ve photographed through the years.

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some video sample

A little sample video from the ‘days gone past’ archives..

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some cycling samples

I am, also, an avid cyclist.
    I feel that Cycling is a killer way to grow towards a more sustainable existence– on an individual level and as a society (“Think Globally, Act Locally?”). So I am building a Pedal Powered Boat that I am going to Pilot ALL THE WAY AROUND THE WORLD. This will be a DOUBLE global first– first ever pedal powered global circumnavigation.. AND the FIRST EVER web- connected circumnavigation!!! I’ll be able to provide updates from the middle of the ocean.. from random South Pacific Islands.. anywhere I want!! And members will be the first to see the nudes I create En Route. Learn More at OceanCyclist.

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Emerald came down to Vancouver, from Kelowna, for a visit with friends and decided to have some poetry painted on to her. She was enthusiastic, energetic, and wonderful to work with. The bulk of our time spent together was consumed with me hand lettering my poem on to her body and this was a bit …

Bat girl

After leaving Vancouver, Sparklefaerie and I settled for a spell in Kelowna. That town is a bit prudish so I was pleasantly surprised to learn of Fenix and her penchant for being photographed without her clothes on. We met downtown and headed out to the North End mill where they air dry their 2×4’s and …

World Tour

Follow Me..  Around The World

Additional samples of mine.

I am going to be piloting a pedal powered boat.. entirely around the world.. and Members will be able to Follow along on the progress AND catch awesome Nude Updates from.. all around the world!

Sure, there’ll be lots of “down time” but with about 30 years of “backlogged” sessions I do think I have a lot of material that I can post while I’m in the middle of the ocean(s).. in between landfalls and nude sessions.

But wait.. how will the material be UPLOADED? Well, Starlink has just finished a Network Upgrade that ensures 99.9% of My Route is covered meaning.. all I need is the Starlink Marine Antenna and I will be Digitally Connected Where Ever I AM!

I will be the VERY FIRST person to..
    • Circumnavigate the globe entirely in Pedal Powered Boat
    • This will be the first DIGITALLY CONNECTED circumnavigation.. EVER

More Deets –>> Ocean Cyclist. <<– for more info.

Here’s my “estimated” route map.. a quick 30s. vid..