.. to the online home of Fine Art Nude Photographer M. Scott Ault.
This site has gone through so many changes through it’s history but it is, now, with pleasure that I invite you to Sign Up for a Lifetime Membership at the ever- increasing collection exhibited herein…

    … Lifetime Membership will get you access to all the current features~ galleries and videos for now~ and you will be helping me to grow Model Interactions as well as Site Features with your membership. Right now, you can access the Photo Video Galleries that are evolving and growing. Last time I checked there were about 30 galleries and about 5000 images.. an awesome collection of both digital and film based photography featuring a wonderful collection (ever- growing) of awesome, sexy, youthful, nude models! 

    We are in the new year now.. so I am scheduling time to work on my Discord Server and the connection there to.. as well, I am starting to ramp up work on my second graphically enhanced literary novel titled “Wasted America.” This novel is a prequel to the already published “The Death of Love” which is available (along with two books of poetry) in my shop. I am, also, laying out a Coffee Table Book of early nudes for interested people.. the title and size (and cost) will be determined shortly.

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    I am, also, an avid cyclist. And I feel that Cycling is a killer way to grow towards a more sustainable existence– as an individual and as a society. So I ambuilding a Pedal Powered Boat that I am going to Pilot ALL THE WAY AROUND THE WORLD. This will be a global first- first ever pedal powered global circumnavigation.. BUT I have recently become aware of a system upgrade at Starlink that’ll mean My Whole Journey will be Digitally Connected.. the FIRST EVER web- connected circumnavigation!!! I’ll be able to provide updates from the middle of the ocean.. from random South Pacific Islands.. anywhere I want!! And you’ll be the first to see the nudes I create En Route.


    As I put the final few components to work.. I will be setting up “regular” monthly subscriptions. I can’t say exactly when but the Lifetime Membership option will only be available for a limited time. So, Sign Up Now.. and have LIFETIME access- irregardless of what features and/ or growth the site goes through.

    Also.. as I work on the site.. I do have a growing collection of Downloads available.. all downloads are hosted and processed by GumRoad. I’ve rebuilt the download page so you can see each download right here.. and I’ve even updated/ added a few new ones. Next on the agenda is to ZIP all the galleries that are here, now, and post them to GumRoad. Each download has about 7 sampled images so if you take the time to peruse them all you’ll get a good idea of my style and exhibition.

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