Welcome to Altphotoart.. M. Scott Ault’s online exhibition and sales portal of fine art nude photography 

I’ve been shooting for nearly 30 years.. working initiallywith film and self- processing my work and slowly adding in digital capture. I use Nikon gear predominantly.. along with a Holga, Nimslo, Calumet, and Fuji GX680III. I’ve worked hard to reach this point.. enjoy the exhibition and sale.

My work has been described as “too artistic” by the likes of Met- Art and Eolake Stobblehouse (of DOMAI fame). The images are, at times, challenging.. but predominantly celebratory and appreciative of the human form and asks the question “what is the human condition.”

The Website underwent a wonderful attack of illicit access attempts (just access.. no breaches or data theft took place) at a previous webhost.. the site got shut down and down and down.. I worked tireessly with the host to figure out what was going on and they were no help. So, now.. this website is hosted at a more secure server with security protocols that I wish I didn’t have to enable. As a single web site host and content creator, I wear many different hats through the day and being the security officer preventing illicit access was one job I never really wanted. But.. here I am. This *new* site is a slow rebuild.. for reasons I wont go in to, I can’t just upload everything and click “add.” I’m adding the archives as quickly as I can (mixed in with doing my three other jobs day in and day out).. check the current stats, below…

Current Hurdles- 07/24
So, there’s a new hurdle.. sure, I’m still working trying to find the *setting* that lets the gallery thumbnails be either landscape or portrait orientation.. right now, I am manually choosing cover images that are landscape format.. if the image looks cropped that is because the entire gallery has no landscape images.

MENU is fixed 🙂 I’ve mod’d some of the “posts” to be pages and that seems to work.. I mean, not at first but now the drop- down menu appears to be working. I’m working SUPER hard on my Gallery project and BOAT… so I’m super psyched that this little nuisance is fixed(ish) for now. 

The bad news of the day.. it appears as though the interweb overlords are cracking down even harder on anything nude. So, my DOWNLOAD page no longer works/ is no longer valid since.. GUMROAD has been told that I can’t sell DL’s through them. I was toying with a DL plug in.. had it installed just didn’t feel I needed it. Well, at a time when creators are being told to BRING your audience home and KEEP them home.. I guess I’m bringing my DL option home. It means I need to kearn a new app.. but I’ll tackle that once I get closer to 100% rebuilt.


Currently at just over 1/6th returned to exhibit.

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**Members Update:
I am uploading as many galleries and as quickly as I can. My hope is to have the site back to where it was (25,000+ images on exhibit) before my relocation to North Coastal BC at the end of August.

Past Members read this page for access

Payments (i.e.: registrations) are live. Posts currently reflect my GUMROAD download options as I am starting with a new plan. Once all of the current GUMROAD posts are exhibited I’ll be working down the list of past exhibited works alphabetically.. one gallery at a time.

Gallery Examples.. with two different models exhibitions broken in to more manageable album sequences

Current change of exhibition..
I’ve decided to create individual galleries for models with multiple albums and~ on top of that~ I’ve decided to reduce, for the most part, the numbers of images within one album. So, previously, one model might have a gallery of 300+ image.. that gallery is broken down to (by way of example) 6 or 7 galleries of about 60 or so images and that gallery will be grouped together on the exhibition page.. as exampled at right.

Past Blog Posts won’t be returning.. so, the site starts ANEW.. now with new blog posts. I’ll try to post thoughts about the different shoots similar to the way I was doing it previously however, it will be a new blog post about an existing exhibition/ gallery rather than announcing a new gallery. Hmm- thought: I’ll create a category for retrospective gallery thoughts and new gallery posts.. keeping new and old separate. 

I am, also, still looking in to the DISCORD server connect.
As I am working (work on hiatus, due to work here) on BUCKETVISION.. an alternative community purposed for the Fine Art Nude photography world.. I am also creating a DISCORD server for increased communication and ease of.. sharing ideas, thoughts, and meeting/ getting to know some of the other players in the field. This has always been an objective but it is LOW PRIORITY and, as such, there is no roadmap for activation/ creation/ realization.

and broadcasting events LIVE has also always been an objective of mine. Depending on how things transpire over the next few weeks it is my hope to run some ZOOM based experiments that will lead to LIFETIME member access to scheduled ZOOM sessions that may or may not include full weekend broadcast events from select/ remote locations like Johnston Atoll, Kiribati, or.. The Maldives when I am on my oceancyclist journey!
**end of update