My name is M. Scott Ault
and I’m going to Conquer The World…

one pair of naked breasts at a time!

I’ve been shooting NUDES for nearly THREE DECADES
I am about to embark on a Two Year Global EcoPUNK Journey..

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Current Stats:
    over 12,000 Fine Art Nude photos spread across MANY galleries



Valentina was a wonderful 18 year old Estonian lass.. she had recently moved to Vancouver and immersed herself in the local art scene and began working with many other photographers that I knew and~ while she was dating a body painter, she rarely did other styles than fine art nudes. She came and posed several …

Nude at 19

This session was absolutely awesome. I had spent an afternoon at a local resto- pub (pretty much my fave style of dining experience).. had a great sandwich and a few beers as the rain fell on Broadway (Vancouver) and Jules served me with a big smile. Her interest apparently was piqued as I thumbed through …

some cycling samples

Guess what??
I’m not just a Photographer.. I’m also an avid cyclist.

Emily nude with my Green Bike.. her very first nude shoot and one of the first nude shoots I was able to do after relocating to Calgary, Alberta.

    I feel that Cycling is a killer way to grow towards a more sustainable existence- on an individual level and as a society (“Think Globally, Act Locally?”). So I am building a Pedal Powered Boat that I will Pilot ALL THE WAY AROUND THE WORLD. This will be a global first– and members will be the first to see the nudes I create En Route. Learn More at OceanCyclist.

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some video sample

A sample video from the ‘days gone past’ archives..

I admit.. I’m not great at shooting videos.. I prefer shooting stills BUT- I am getting better. Both and consistency and composition.. this video was shot by a friend who, also, shot most of the video from my motorcycle session that took place on the TC Backlot. Enjoy this.. and I’ll be editing and posting more very sporadcally.. but I’ll try to get better at it.

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