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Sample from a wonderful shoot in the old Gastown warehouse studio.

The home of Fine Art Nude Photographer M. Scott Ault. This site has gone through so many changes through it’s history but it is, now, with pleasure that I invite you to Sign Up for a Lifetime Membership at the ever- increasing collection exhibited herein…

    … Lifetime Membership will get you access to all the current features~ galleries and videos for now~ and you will be able to watch as the exhibition expands and grows.

    I am, also, about to head off on an “Around The World” journey.. head on over to Ocean Cyclist to learn more about that.. but, right here, you’ll be able to see the Art Nudes I’ll be shooting in places like Hawaii.. Fiji.. Australia.. and more. I’ll~ even~ be hosting live ZOOM sessions from the journey that will broadcast exclusively in to this website! Lifetime Membership means.. no additional fees to view and participate!

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While the site is in development, enjoy these samples.

    I am, also, working on a few “Cinematic Shorts” that will be super fun to make and a hoot to watch. I’ll post more shortly but the first short looks like it’ll be the project titled “The Rescue” which is a working title and deals with the concept that not all wolves attack Red Riding Hood.

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An early era shoot with an awesome teen model from Kelowna.. took place in my downtown loft apartment using my wonderful Mamiya C220 TLR camera.

    I will be testing out new themes as I flex my design skills on the site.. so, don’t feel you have to come back soon but maybe.. don’t expect things to be the way they were when you were here last.

    I will be testing out new gallery styles of exhibition as well. Right now, I’m waiting on feedback from one of the APP companies.. if that negotiation works out well, things’ll change. If not.. well, I’ll re- examine the layouts. Heck, I’ll probably always re- examine the layouts. If you feel the layout is lacking- don’t hesitate to reach out.

    I’m about to add my DISCORD server to the site link system.. while I know the only issue I’m having with Discord is ‘taxonomy’ that is the exact same issue I had with using “Drupal” as a CMS.. I spent a good 6 months trying to wrap my head around “nodes” and shite.. such a hurdle it was that I gave up and switched to XOOPS- a CMS that hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. So, as a Lifetime Legacy Member, you’ll have full and free acces to my DISCORD server shortly. 

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