A Cyclistical Circumnavigation for Change!

My name is M. Scott Ault and I am.. The Ocean Cyclist!
    I'm going around the globe.. 40,000Km+ .. solo..
in a Pedal Powered Boat!!!

I'm going Around The World.. in a Pedal Powered Boat..

To Inspire People to 'Bike, Not Car..'
To Teach Zero Waste Ideals
To Educate the Masses towards change!

    I have lived my life based around cycling and I lived my life according to the old addage- lead by example.. I have worked with numerous environmentalists and organisations. We are at a point where teaching and education needs IMMEDIACY.. and EcoFellowship needs to give way to EcoPUNK ideals and.. In Your Face attitudes!

And hey.. some fun things I plan on doing include:

•Attempt to break some Guiness Cycling Records..
•ReLaunch my radio show..
•Record / Release an EcoPunk EP and/ or CD
•Launch weekly broadcast..
•Host fund raisers all over the place..
And So Much More...
Archived video with "Bridges and Balconies" instagram edit as background..

Text ‘ecopunk’ to 855-735-BIDR (2437)

If we don't do it.. then, WHO?!
If not now.. then, WHEN?!