My name is M. Scott Ault
and I’m going to Conquer The World…

one pair of breasts at a time!

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all UnCensoredwhile I don’t shoot pr0n.. much of the work I have done falls outside of general website and/or social network app allowances. Even “Patreon” restricts my content and my images get removed.. sometimes without warning or notification. Here- not only are memberships processed without Platform Fees.. the only image restriction is mine own.. and I want to share it all.. everything I’ve shot and everything I will shoot.. all Fine Art Nudes and MORE

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Current Stats    almost 20,000 Fine Art Nude photos spread across MANY galleries.. and MORE on the way (with so many sessions already planned for 2024.. so much on the horizon..).

Anna in Coal Harbor, Vancouver.
A lovely teen captured with my Mamiya C220
A lovely *JUST18* or.. “Barely Legal” oiled down model who skipped school for the shoot.

Inside you will find both digital and fim based images.. I try to clean up my scans as much as possible but sometimes~ with the goal of publishing galleries for viewing~ I don’t have that luxury- again, I am a single operator who, also, is working fingers to bone on a small Hand Crafting and Sustainabily oriented company (I’m a “Fiber Artist” as well, to be up front). 

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Your Membership will help me grow my environmentally oriented project “Ocean Cyclist..” that will see me Pilot a Self- Built Pedal Powered Boat entirely around the planet to promote Sustainability. Your membership(s) will be used for materials , tools, and machinery purchases.. and even Model Payments so that you can view More Content.. FROM the Journey.

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Jasmine Tea and Bikinis

Jasmine… ahhh, jasmine.. she was working as a security guard at 111 Dunsmuir while I was a bike courier. I still remember seeing her with her hair pulled back wearing her starched white shirt and navy pants. Quite the sight.. and then to see her exploring and exhibitionistically disrobing almost without question publicly.. what a …


For me, The Printed image.. hand printed in my own darkroom.. has ALWAYS been the number one goal. Shooting digitally is fun.. but it has only been recently that camera and printer technologies have really become comparative.. and even then- when you dig in and start really looking at the print.. there’s something missing.

Film is composed of crystals.. digital images of pixels. Crystals have no edge bordering while pixels, irregardless of their size, have definitive borders. Pixelation takes place when you print a file over it’s recomended size.. while film can be almost infinately enlarged (yeah, there are limitations.. won’t go in to that here).

“Back in the day,” me neighbor and I had an enlarger.. we converted his spare closet to a darkroom and we shot and shared a lot. We, both, grew as photographers and we experimented with ideas. After moving from Kelowna thru Banff and on to Vancouver.. space became a premium and having an enlarger was a priveleage that I couldn’t afford. Today.. I have purpose- built a “shed” beside my rental property and made it~ from the very beginning~ to be a darkroom (so, it’s “Light- Tight” or.. when the door is closed.. no light leaks in) and I have started PRINTING again. 

What follows will be expanded upon.. all prints are 100% ORIGINAL.. all prints are 100% Printed By Me.. some of them are Hand Tinted by me.. and ALL models receive no less than 10% commission on Each Print Sold of their work! You are purchasing directly from The Artist (me) and I am using Paypal as a processing system. I don’t offer refunds or returns at all but I do provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity and PROFESSIONAL art packaging (double tubed with bubble wrap protectioning and acid- free tissue packing).

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Fine Art Nude Modelling has no age or physique limitations.. start now and enjoy a lifetime of creative collaborations and interactions with diverse artists and creatives in general!

Some models will be offered paid promotional work with Ocean Cyclist,This project will see me Pilot a Pedal Powered Boat around the world.. a boat I am~ currently~ building in Calgary. I am working to fund~ either~ Around The World plane tickets or a Chase Boat.. Or Both.. all coming with a comfortable Per Diem and pre- arranged accomodations at selected locations along my route so that YOU can work with local photographers, prepare events for my arrival.. and other fun stuff.. if you want to TRAVEL this is ENTIRELY around the world. It’s still slightly up in the air but I’m working hard.. SUPER hard.. for YOU to enjoy this “job” of Fine Art Nude Modelling! my environmental project that will see me Pilot a Self- Built Pedal Powered Boat around The World.. with paid travel!

Interested? Hover on this ToolTipJanuary 4th, 2024… Today a model earned $150 for doing NOTHING. She posed for me a few years ago and today~ as an example~ a print of her sold to a rarified collector and her commission from the sale is *about* $150 CAD from JUST ONE PRINT! Our arrangement was “TFP” with sales commissions from print sales. I’ve been working hard the last 12 to 18 months on self- promotion and 2024 will see nothing but a decided redoubling of mine efforts so.. you, too, could earn the same from the sale of ONE PRINT.. but imagine if MORE than one print sold?!?! to read a nifty update.