Altphotoart.. the magazine!

Remember the days of going to a mag shop and perousing the hundreds of titles?? Sadly those days are pretty much over. But- Magazine Publishing hasn’t gone away.. it’s just changed slightly.

Many years ago I discovered the Print on Demand concept and thought it was “The Answer” for the little guy that had a great idea but not enough cash tog et it running. Turns out, PoD is pretty expensive.. and the expense is turned back to the consumer with only nominal profits provided to the publisher. I’m not knocking PoD.. I’m only saying- it has it’s place and, if used properly, it can be cool. But other options exist and I’m employing ALL of them for my magazine.

My dream of publishing a Fine Art Nude magazine is a long lasting one. I’m very passionate about Fine Art Nude photography.. and as a past publisher, I’ve always wanted to put the two together. Now it’s a possibility.

The magazine will be laid out in several formats~ FREE for Site Members as a Google Doc download.. just copy it to your own drive and it’s there.. forever. Free. That layout will be PDF’d for upload to several download sites.. for public purchase at an estimated $5.99 per issue (subscriptions will be configured when the print schedule is determined).. it will, also, be available through BLURB as a Print On Demand magazine for nominal markup over their platform fees. The document will, also, be reformatted for KINDLE distribution.. again, at $5.99 per issue. So, the goal is to be EVERYWHERE that readers and appreciators of Fine Art Nudes are. AROUND THE WORLD.

Want your work exhibited? Want to be a Featured Model?