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This site has been a long time in the making..

    I’ve had this site set up so many different times and in so many different “itterations..” but they always lacked one or another element. Now, I’m prepping to Set Sail on a Global Pedal Powered Circumnavigation.. and so I’m offering Lifetime Memberships even though the site isn’t fully finished.

Lifetime Means..
    No Additional Payments for the life of the website. Kinda simple. Don’t ya think? I’ve already posted about 40 galleries (ever- increasing so.. based on “date of publishing” this page, TBH) with many thousands of awesome images.
    On the RoadMap for development is a smoother interface, added/ simplified Video deployment.. and Discord Server connection (pending population). I also have some thematic things to work out.

Take advantage of this limited time offer..
    Right now, memberships have been upgraded to $75 but if you use this discount code it brings it back down to $50–>> 24FB029B15. This discount is valid thru to March 18th so sign up now and save.. and stay tooned for the Global Circumnavigation!

Level Price  
Lifetime Legacy $75.00 now. Select

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