Samples from various shoots.. various times.. various locations.

This site has been a long time in the making..
    After I was cut off from The TV Show that I was working on, I was kind of devastated.. and thoroughly broke. So, I went and got a job as a commercial painters helper that led to me being “lead hand” on quite a few contracts around the Lower Mainland.. but with each week I spent with brush in hand I found I was spending a week without being creative in any way at all.
    So, the past while I’ve been going over different CMS’s and trying to find one that would work. A little while ago, I settled on WordPress and things have been moving along quite nicely ever since. Thus.. Altphotoart emerges from the ashes.. a site that was around in the emergent digital heyday but sort of disappeared for the last.. well, during my Commercial Painting “carreer.”

Now, there’s a lot of work I still have to do on this site. I’m only just at the beginning.. so, I’ve decided to structure Memberships in such a way that Early Adopters get a cool bonus- No Renewals!!! For $50 usf you are a member here.. in perpetuity.. it’s a Lifetime Membership and it’s YOURS if you act before it is cancelled.. which could be as soon as this summer if growth and development in the backend goes smoothly. 

Take advantage of this limited time offer.. and watch as I post archived images- and new material, alike.

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Lifetime Legacy $50.00 now. Select

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