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Lifetime Membership

    Right now, I’m prepping to Set Sail on a Global Pedal Powered Circumnavigation so I’m offering Lifetime Memberships as a SPONSORSHIP structure for Ocean Cyclist.

Lifetime Means..
    No Additional Payments for the life of the website. Kinda simple. Don’t ya think? Current Stats: over 100 albums holding nearly 10,000 Fine Art Nude Images.. all unique, all different.. all shot by ME.. M. Scott Ault.

Limited Time Offer
    The Boatshed *may* have been broken in to.. and a couple KEY parts for my boat have gone.. missing. So, for the next little while LIFETIME membership is only $50!!! Use this discount code: D4BA50344A at checkout and your initial (and only) payment will be… Fifty Dollars US! All Sign- Ups using this code will be sent an email containing a DL link to a file with photos of the parts purchased and, once a suitable model has been found, a wonderful and exclusive session of nudity.

Level Price  
Lifetime Legacy $75.00 now. Select

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Take advantage..

a fun shoot with Kat while she was in Vancouver.. and NEW material will be showing up with this awesome model when I get to Australia.

    Site Members that follow my Instagram @ocean_cyclist account will be added to the “inner circle” for private and special announcements, updates, and more. I’m new to the set ups so when you follow me, send a note and I’ll add you right away.

What’s on the horizon?
    As a lifetime member.. you’ll get to see new material with Kat (link valid for registered and signed- in members).. when I land in Sydney.. you’ll be able to view material I shoot with Christina out in Ontario when I take my boat to the Great Lakes for it’s first proper open water trials later this year/ early next year.. and SO MUCH MORE. Oh- and as populations increase I’ll add my DISCORD server and other features.
    The big thing, though, is that there is NO CENSORSHIP on this site. If you are following me on Youpic, Deviantart, or other sites.. they are ALL censored and the material I post there is selected based on restrictions. No Restrictions Here!!!  And you might just be able to connect with one or another model directly once the DISCORD server is set up.

No Discount Code?
The discount code expired therefore there is no discount code available.  New featurs are on the way so, make haste as Lifetime Membership, itself, is about to become Sunsetted.